Beautiful Bhadrakali temple in the middle of beautiful forest (Video)

The Bhadrakali temple, a historical and religious site of Pokhara, attracts a large number of devotees and visitors daily.

The Bhadrakali Temple has long been regarded as a place of pilgrimage in Pokhara and its environs.

To reach this temple, which is situated on a high place in the middle of a beautiful forest, there are two paths from Fedi, 292 steps have to be climbed from the eastern part and 265 steps have to be climbed from the southern part. Devotees visit this temple daily and a special fair is held every year on Asoj Shukla Paksha and Chait Shukla Paksha as well as Balachaturdashi.

The famous Bhadrakali temple is 151 years old. The temple has been damaged due to the catastrophic earthquake on April 29, 2072 BS and the aftershocks that followed.