Mysteriously Dhorbarahi

Tanahu -The famous Dhorbarahi temple is located at a distance of five kilometers from Dulegonda market in Shuklagandaki Municipality-4 of Tanahu. This temple is located in Shuklagand's Municipality-9 Bajsthal and is also considered as a heritage of the faith of Hindus.

Dhorbarahi temple complex located in the middle of a hill surrounded by forest on all sides has a 15 feet wide pond and two rock formations in the middle of the pond. A mysterious wave is released in the pool at fifteen to fifteen minutes. There is a legend that when Mother Dhorbarahi is happy, waves will be released. A big wave of water comes from the source of the pond and in a moment it automatically decreases again. Waves in this pond are compared to religious faith.

Rajabam lives at the exit of the pond. There is a popular belief that Rajabam will come out of the pond especially when the tide is out and that seeing Rajabam at that time will bring good luck.

Devotees from neighboring districts come here to visit Dhorbarahi temple with the popular belief that wishes will be fulfilled and especially if a child who has not speech is dipped in the pond three times, then his speech will be out.