A unique festival of Nepal: Saun is the confluence of rain, love and greenery

Photo: Bhupal Gurung/Jukson.com

Saun is a month of religion and culture spent worshiping Lord Shiva. It is customary to observe fasting without eating fish, meat, garlic and onions, without cutting nails and hair. Especially for women, summer is more fun and interesting. Even though the green bangles and dresses worn in this month do not have much religious significance, the harmony of nature and dress in Saun seems to be interesting.

Seeing the attraction of women towards green bangles and dresses in the month of Saun, it is now seen that they are decorating green bangles and dresses in the market even before the start of the month of Saun.

Whether married or unmarried, all girls look attractive in green clothes. Married women wear green bangles as a symbol of good luck, while unmarried women also wear green bangles, green clothes and mehndi for charm and fun.

Lately many celebrities have also taken saun as a fashion and they have made saun fashionable by wearing mehendi, chura and hariya. Saun has become greener now due to various reasons. It is rare to see women walking without wearing mehendi, green bangles and green clothes.

Saun is naturally also a green month. Even naturally, Saun is green. Forests, fields are green everywhere in Saun. In the village, Saun is considered as a clean month after farming.