Banaugaon to see the sunrise that gives a glimpse of Darjeeling

A small village with cold climate. Beautiful Banaugaon is at an altitude of 2,500 meters above sea level. A mountain view pillar in the middle of the forest above the village.

The top of that mountain is now under discussion. Even though it is not in discussion, three district headquarters of Dhawalagiri can be seen simultaneously from that place. The snow chain like Dantelhar seen from Haljuredanda in Banaulek did not fail to attract the domestic tourists who come there. The sunrise seen from Haljuredanda has erased the sight of Darjeeling. There is no doubt that this can become an attractive destination for tourists who come to Darjeeling to watch the sunrise.

The hill which can be seen from Beni Bazar, Baglung Bazar and Parbat's Kushmabazar, the headquarters of Myagdi, is attracting tourists to Banau. Banau, which can be reached within an hour from Armadi on the mid-hill Pushpalal highway Baglung-Parvat section, has now become more and more popular after the road has been blackened. There is a majority of Magar community in Banaugaon, which is rich in art and culture. Their Maruni dance and Magar baja are also the identity of this place.

Gau Bahadur Pun, Chairman of Jaljala Rural Municipality-9, Banau, said that it was difficult to reach Banau due to the steep unpaved road, but now that the road has reached Banau, domestic tourists have started coming here.

"Roads are the main basis for bringing foreign tourists. Due to the roads, many developments are being stopped. The road leading to Banau has been paved recently. Since the 12.5 km road from Bagain has been paved recently, it has become very easy to reach Banau. "Our plan is to bring not only domestic but also foreign tourists. President Pun said.