Crowd of pilgrims at Kedareshwar Temple to worship Lord Shiva (Video)

Pokhara - Today, the first Monday of Saun (July) the Kedareshwar temple in Pokhara is crowded with pilgrims. From early morning, from different areas of Pokhara, people from the elderly to the elderly have been flocking to the temple premises to worship.

The Kedareshwar Temple Management Committee arranged the queue for the convenience of the pilgrims. Medani Prasad Gurgai, who is also a priest of the temple management committee, said that this time in Saun, 5 Mondays are important. He believed that offering water to Lord Bholenath and worshiping Bholenath on Mondays in the month of Saun would fulfill his heart's desires, even if not every day.

In the Kedareshwar temple, known as Bolbamadham, Bol Bam makes Pokhara and the surrounding area buzz with the sound of Bol Bam, bhajan kirtan and ocher clothes in the month of Saun.

It is believed that in the month of Lord Shiva, devotees worship Shiva and fast and wear green bangles, clothes and mehendi to make Shiva happy and fulfill their wishes.