Moving paragliding from Pokhara affects tourism in Pokhara

As the construction of the regional international airport in Pokhara has been completed, it is targeted to bring it into operation from January 1.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), the airline's regulatory body, has said it will operate the airport from January 1. Accordingly, the authority has also instructed the businessmen to shift the paragliding in the skies of Pokhara.

However, the businessmen are saying that the paragliding flight that has been going on in the skies of Pokhara for nearly two and a half decades will be pushed to the other side as it will push the tourism sector, large manpower will be unemployed, investment will be wasted and overall tourism will be lost. Entrepreneurs also request to fly on time. There is a demand from businessmen and pilots to fly on time as the flight is being operated all day now.

Bimal Pahari, president of the Nepal Paragliding Pilot Club, said, "Let us be tougher than now, but do not displace us from the skies of Pokhara." It is enough to give it to us till 12 o'clock. During that period, we will fly in a disciplined manner, 'he said.

He said that if the paragliding flight in the sky of Pokhara is allowed only till 12 noon, only businessmen, manpower and tourism sector will be saved. Earlier, businessmen and some pilots could not be disciplined, he said, adding that the authority had tried to divert paragliding.

There are about 350 pilots in this business. According to him, about 4 million tourists have flown in Pokhara since the paragliding business started. Paragliding in the skies of Pokhara is one of the top three in the world. He said that the stay of tourists would be reduced if they were displaced from Pokhara and tourist arrivals would be reduced.

Paragliding has been flying in the sky of Pokhara since 1996. Paragliding entrepreneurs have started flying here since 2000 by setting up a company.