Other than Everest, the attraction is not seen

This year, the government got 49 crores in revenue from 986 climbers who climbed 27 mountains. 

Although the government has given approval to climb 27 mountains in this season for native and foreign citizens, it is seen that climbing is only Mount Everest. Looking at the number of domestic and foreign climbers who have come to climb the mountain this year, they do not seem to have much interest in mountains other than Everest.

According to tourism department data, one-third of mountain climbers this year climbed Mount Everest. This year (until last May 26), 986 domestic and foreign climbers went to climb 27 mountains, while 325 people went to climb Mount Everest. The government has so far opened 414 mountains for climbing, but this year climbers sought permission to climb only 27 mountains.

'Compared to other mountains, there is a lot of interest in climbing Everest', Director of Nepal Tourism Board Maniraj Lamichhane told the citizens - 'Though the interest of climbers is low, there is no question of stopping climbing the mountains opened by the government.' This year, the number of mountain climbers has not increased due to the Corona epidemic.