Pokhara metropolis and hotel association agree to increase tourist destination and stay

Pokhara Metropolitan Municipality and Hotel Association Pokhara Nepal have agreed on the issue of cooperation to extend the stay of tourists visiting Pokhara and surrounding tourist areas by identifying and developing new tourist destinations.

In a program organized by the association to welcome Dhanraj Acharya, the head of Pokhara Metropolitan City, on Monday in Pokhara, officials and advisors of the hotel association made suggestions for the improvement of the tourism sector.

Speaking on the occasion, the Metropolitan Chief Acharya informed that in the previous budget, only two crore rupees were allocated for the tourism sector, but in the current budget, Rs 58 crore has been allocated. Reminding that some of the tourist destinations in and around Pokhara are disappearing especially due to the development of roads and other reasons, he said that new destinations should be searched and an environment should be created to increase the stay of tourists visiting Pokhara from 2 days to 5 days. He said that the metropolis and businessmen can move forward together in the development of religious and sports tourism and holding conferences by inviting saints from abroad.

He said on the occasion that the metropolis is also aware of the security of the entire Pokhara, including the tourist lakeside, parking management, metered taxis, pollution control and waste management. He said that the metropolis will proceed with the work of separating a small ring road within the Pokhara metropolis and beautifying it and also for the provision of traffic lights and CCTV Security Cameras.