Pokhara Regional International Airport: First domestic or international flight?

Civil Aviation Authority (CAN), the regulatory body of Nepal's air services, is preparing to put Pokhara Regional International Airport into operation from January 1. The authority has also said that preparations are being made accordingly. As the day of the airport's operation is approaching, a debate has started between Pokhreli. That is the subject of debate - should Pokhara Regional International Airport start with domestic or international flights?  

While the authority is adjusting the airport operations, some tourism businessmen here are saying that the first flight from Pokhara's regional international airport should be international, while some businessmen say that there is no need to debate which should be done first in domestic and international flights. There is a fear among some businessmen that when the airport starts operating from domestic flights, the initiative for international flights will not be enough. However, some people say that instead of arguing about domestic and international flights, it is important to operate the airport in an orderly manner at the specified time.  

Pokhara still has an airport for domestic flights. Even now Pokhara has been connected to the big cities in the country by air network,' says Laxman Subedi, president of the Western Hotel Association, we need an international airport, not a domestic one. What Pokhreli needs is an international airport.' He said that since the authority is preparing to put the airport into operation from January 1, that preparation should be for international flights.