Singer Indira Joshi's song 'Pachauri' is similar to English song 'Tuck Dirty'!

Indira Joshi's new song 'Pachauri' was influenced by an English song. The beat and composition of Indira's song are similar to the famous song 'Talk Dirty' of American singer Jason Derula.

A week ago, Indira's song 'Pachauri' was watched 351,000 times till Friday. The concept of the video for the song also seems to be influenced by 'Talk Dirty'.

Indira's fans have lashed out at her on social media for stealing songs from 'Talk Dirty'. But Indira has not yet formally responded to the allegations against her creation.

Indira, who started her musical career with the 2011 album Dance with Me, has been accused of plagiarism for the first time. 

Nepali artists have been involved in such an act called 'Pleasureism' in the language of art.