The Nepali market is lacking in vegan goods. Participants, though, are determined to change it.

In 1998, when being a vegan was unusual in Nepal, Krishna Gurung made the transition. He found it more challenging to find vegan clothing and footwear than vegan food.

But now, things have changed. "Vegan products are becoming more and more prevalent. These products now have separate sections in both physical and online retailers, according to Gurung, "but they are still insufficient."

Only in the last ten years has veganism been discussed and promoted in Nepal. But there are still many more myths around veganism and vegan goods. It implies that vegans must exercise caution and make concessions about the things they use.

But they assert that they are devoted to improving things.

Vegan products in Nepal

Vegan products can be seen in the market, but vegans are not happy with the number.

Samu Yonjan shares, “If we talk about the shoes alone, it is very hard to find a pair that is not made of leather. Sellers do not and cannot identify what is pure leather and what is synthetic. So, we have to poke around and find shoes that work for us. But, it is not always favourable. We choose plastic shoes and wear them for a long time.” 

Yonjan, the proprietor of Loving Heart Restaurant, one of the few vegan eateries in Kathmandu, claims that this is also true of the ingredients used in beauty and food goods.

One of the few vendors mindful of servicing the vegan population is Pasang Sherpa, the owner of Shoe Bar & Accessories. She sells shoes made of vegan leather that have gained popularity in Nepal, not just among vegans but also among non-vegans. "Many female doctors have opted for sandals with bright animal prints since they need to be practical, comfortable, and durable. Expats who are more interested in the designs and their distinctive appeal are among the other customers.
In Nepal, the idea of veganism is still undefined. However, the campaigners are determined to keep working to spread the concept.

International Vegan Festivals will soon be held in Lumbini, Kathmandu, and Pokhara by the World Vegan Association to raise awareness of veganism, animal cruelty, and human health. The festivals will also feature vegan food and goods for both vegans and non-vegans. It is anticipated that 10,000 participants, including both domestic and foreign delegates, will attend the event, which will aid in educating Nepalese citizens.