Hot air balloon is being operated again in Pokhara, 8000 will be charged per person

The hot air balloon will be operational in Pokhara from this September.

The adventure, which was closed due to Corona, will be re-launched by Balloon Nepal Pvt. Earlier, the company had started flying hot air balloons in Pokhara from November 16, 2018.

The hot air balloon will start flying from Pame, the upper bank of the Fewatal.

While taking an altitude of three to four thousand meters from the Phewa bank, the beautiful Pokhara valley and its surroundings can be clearly seen. After the balloon crosses Sarangkot hill, one can see the amazing view of Annapurna mountain range.

The company has stated that the flights will be operated every month except June, July and August when the weather is favorable.

The company says that this adventure will cost Nepalis Rs 8,000 per person and foreigners Rs 100 per person or Rs 12,600. Company also has insurance worth Dollars 20,000 per person. The flight duration of the balloon will be 30 to 40 minutes.

At the bottom of the 21-meter-high balloon is a 32-square-foot basket. 8 people can travel in a basket at a time.