Trip to Dhampus village (Video)

Pokhara - Five friends headed for a short trip to Dhampus, a typical village close to Pokhara . Crossing the wide road of Pokhara-Baglung highway under Madhyapahadi Lok Marg, our journey proceeded towards Dhampus. This is a major tourist destination near to Pokhara.

Dhampus village of Nepal (1650 m) is situated to the north of the Pokhara valley which offers gorgeous views of golden rice terraces and the spectacular mountains. Hiking to this village provides a wonderful view of mountain, nature, landscape and inspiring scenery.

The major purpose of this small trip was the baptism (naming ceremony) of one of our best friend Ashish’s newly born son Awash. He had invited us to join this auspicious occasion at his home- Dhampus. During the summer season, traveling on the 6-lane road, seeing the roadside settlements, green paddy fields it was really unique. There is also a waterfall on the side of the road near Pokhara 25 Hemja Fedi.

After a journey of about 20 minutes from Harichowk Pokhara we reached to Ghattekhola from where another road should be followed to go to Dhampus.The road was split. We decided to have some typical foods at Ghatekhola. We spent around 20 minutes time talking and laughing

with beautiful dishes. Mr Darshan Ranabhat and Yugal Poudel started to talk about different cinematographic ideas demonstrated in different documentaries. Mr Bijaya gurung and myself Arjun Thapa started to take some videos of beautiful sceneries and Mr Raghunath Wagle enjoyed with cold water washing his face in a filmy style which made us laugh at the moment.

After a short break, our journey continued for Dhampus. After traveling for some time, we encountered the badly damaged off road because of the heavy rain. Despite of difficulties of road an excitement was clearly seen on the face of our friends as we were heading for a wonder occasion. Singing the beautiful songs our journey continued to climb towards Dhampus. Even during the rainy season,the higher as we went, the more rural surroundings were visible. 

The weather was not so clear, it was foggy around the dam until the evening. By the time we reached the Sita Barah temple near Dhampus, which carries a different historical importance.we moved on and moved on and reached to our destination i.e.our friend Ashish's home.

It was raining in the evening Ashish welcomed us in a very warm manner. And we involved in the naming ceremony, we saw the face of newly born baby following the ritualistic value of Hinduism. After that we had our dinner and participated in some singing and dancing programme. It was about 11 pm Ashish managed a comfortable bed for us and we slept there.

Next day, we woke up early in the morning and departed from our friend's house after having a cup of tea. We were very interested to take some photos and videos of the snow chains shining in the morning sun. However, the mountains were completely covered with the fog.

We had breakfast (Gurung Bread) at Dhampus Gurung Cottage and waited for the clear view of mountains with the time slap shot in our camera. After half an hour, the clouds slowly parted, and we enjoyed the beautiful scene of The Mardi,the Machhaapuchhre and The Annapurna Mauntain. Finally our friend Yugal Poudel took a drone shot of whole Dhamous village and we turned back to pokhara.

Dhampus village attracts a lot of tourists every year, this place is unaffected by human interference. The charm it has, it still holds. So, Dhampus village is the best hiking destination very close to the valley Pokhara .