Famous Bhadrakali Temple of Pokhara (Video)

Pokhara -Bhadrakali Temple located in Ward No. 13 of Pokhara Metropolitan Municipality is one of the oldest temples in Pokhara. This temple is almost 200 years old and the history of Ganesha temple was established by Ramachandra Khatri in 1901. In the year 1903, Guthi's red seal was obtained and the temple was regularly worshipped.

Bhadrakali temple has been considered as a wish-fulfilling pilgrimage site in Pokhara and its surrounding areas since ancient times. The chirping sound of birds while traveling to the temple through the stairs built on both the north-east and south sides in the middle of the green forest is very blissful.

There are two ways to reach this temple, one has to climb 292 stairs from the eastern side and 265 stairs from the southern side. Devotees visit this temple every day, and a special fair is held every year on Asoj Shukla Paksha and Chait Shukla Paksha, as well as on Balachaturdashi.