Honeymoon Lake in Pokhara (Video)

Pokhara - Dipang Lake in Lekhnath, known as the garden city of seven lakes, is also known as 'Honeymoon Lake'.

Listed in the World Ramsar List, this lake is considered an excellent destination for its natural beauty and scenery. Recently, it has been falling in the choice of newly married couples for traveling.

This lake covers a total area of ​​668 ropani 7 annas 3 paisa 3 dams and has a water body of about 338 ropani 8 annas.

In the form of a lake, there are Rupa, Begnas, Maidi Lakes in the east and Gunde, Nureni and Khaste Lakes in the northwest.

There are 22 species of birds, 16 species of fish, 8 species of other reptiles, 6 species of lotuses and other flowers as well as plants such as navo and gund are found here.

Compared to other lakes in Pokhara, human and natural encroachments are less here, so it is also considered as a 'virgin' lake.