Mahendra Cave and Bat Cave in Pokhara (Video)

Pokhara - Mahendra Cave is a famous cave near Pokhara. It is the first destination of domestic and foreign tourists. Pokhara Metropolitan City - 16 Batulechaur, the length of the cave is 125 meters long. After the opening of this cave in 2017 by the then King Mahendra, the name of the cave became Mahendra Cave. The way to enter the cave is big and wide. The interior is somewhat complicated. After reaching within 125 meters from the entrance, there is Ganesha's Than, Shivlinga. Various shapes can be easily seen on the right and left sides of the cave.

Similarly Bat Cave near Mahendra Cave is another famous cave. Inside this cave, one can see the scenes of different figures as well as a thick swarm of bats. This cave is made of limestone. However, the movement inside this cave is very difficult.